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Danger of Relapse During the Holiday Season

Danger of Relapse During the Holiday Season

December 4, 2018

Mike Miles and Ed Chionchio Sr discuss relapses during the holiday season. They discuss ways to avoid relapsing during the holidays.

 Other topics include:

  • Ed and Mike discuss the book Good Cop, Good Cop available at
  • Relapse is part of recovery
  • Ed discusses why it may be beneficial to do rehab in an area away from where you live
  • Relapse can start months before actually using
  • First the insanity of addiction returns and then we drink
  • If you go to holiday parties, it can help to set a time limit for how long you’ll stay
  • There are many options to get help

If you or a loved one needs help reach out to our panel at There are also many ways to help someone that is suffering from addiction. There are professionals here to help you from staging an intervention to getting counseling as a family member. This and every Friends in Recovery Podcast is recorded live at the Studio 21 Podcast Café, is hosted on the United Podcast Network and is brought you by Genesis House.

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